Lighting Projects

Lighting is both an art and a science.

How can you change the lighting effects in your Home or Business?

Lighting is often underestimated when considering how to enhance our homes or business. You can start by doing some research on the effects of lighting to the interior design.  You will want to think about the ambience you want to create for each room in order to fit the specific need.  If you have something particular in mind, you can check to see if it would be a good fit, and be in harmony with the space. 

When installing your lighting keep in mind the mood and aesthetics you want to invoke for the enjoyment of the space. In order to implement an effective lighting strategy for your home or business to take the following into consideration:

  • Ceiling height and shape
  • Points of interest such as art work 
  • To accent valued pieces or piano
  • Highlight indoor fountain or aquarium
  • Size and space to utilize the specific effect
  • Color of walls and or furniture
  • Dramatize shadows and reflections
  • Level of illumination, existing lights and electrical setups

24/7 Emergency Electrician

We service residential and commercial properties including new electrical systems, new construction and installations, upgrades, and renovations.  We also work on expansions, alterations to current wiring, power, control, and high voltage wiring, emergency electrical systems, trouble shooting, as well as repairs and maintenance of electrical systems.

Living Room Lighting


Chandeliers make a dramatic visual impact and are a great way to illuminate your space.  There are plenty of styles and light sources available, including incandescent, fluorescent and a growing selection of LED designs.

Before you make your final selection, ensure you purchase the right size fixture and that will look great when properly hung in the desired space.

So many choices, but which chandelier design will work best for you? Which one will fit the space, mood and decor you are looking for? 

  • Crystal
  • Pendant
  • Mini
  • Bronze, chrome, wood or black 
  • Dining – Living Room
  • Entryway
  • Island Lights

We can give you some general guidelines for how to light the different rooms in your home or office.

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Outdoor Lighting

Patio Fixtures

Nothing refreshes and enhances the look of your home like new outdoor lighting fixtures.

A great way to add light to your yard is to use solar powered fixtures. Since they are powered by the sun, they require no wiring expertise, making them a simple solution for first-timer outdoor decorators. 

There are many outdoor light fixtures to choose from:

Wall Lighting, Post Lighting, Hanging Lanterns, Landscape Lighting, Flood Lights, Security Lights, String & Rope Lights, Deck Lights, Porch Lights, Outdoor LED Lights.

Great pricing with no surprises.

Bedroom Lighting

Hanging Fixtures

Installing a new light fixture is a great way to instantly change a dull room into a dazzling one.

Lighting showrooms and catalogs have a wide variety of fixtures to choose from, just remember to check closely if assembly is required. Sometimes, although instructions are included with parts, simple selections may look daunting to put together after you get it home.

Alos for safety and practical purposes, make sure your electrical box is securely fastened to solid framing before you hang a new light fixture.

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Electrical Services

If you need electrical services for your office, apartment complex, shopping centers, school, church, restaurant, parking lots, hospital, airport, or any other type of residential, commercial building or structure in Fort Lauderdale.

Residential Service In Fort Lauderdale

  • New light fixtures
  • Replacement or Repairs
  • Professional Chandelier Installers

Commercial Service Fort Lauderdale

  • Electrical service and repair
  • Two hour response time
  • Interior and Exterior electrical additions
  • Equipment connection and/or relocation
  • Generator Installation
  • Lighting replacement and repair
  • Site Lighting replacement and repair
  • Lighting design
  • Retail signage connection
  • Tenant space build outs
  • Surge protection
  • Site work temporary service
  • Code violation corrections

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