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24 Hour Emergency Electrician

The most important thing we do at IVolt is responding to electrical emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most emergencies involve a loss of power, a specific electrical outage, or just suspicious signs of developing trouble; but rapid and effective response to any emergency situation is our top priority. Because the possibility always exists in such a case of danger to your family or property. The U.S Fire Administration (USFA) reports that in a typical year some 350,000 electrical fires are reported nationwide, with 2,500 deaths, many more injuries, and $6 billion in property damages.

Indications of Electrical Emergencies

We urge you to call us at the first indication of electrical problems of any kind. A licensed electrician will take your call, make an initial evaluation, and arrange to respond. All of our electricians are fully licensed, whether the problem is residential or commercial, and all our work is 100 percent in compliance with state and local codes. We don't want our customers to hesitate to call because of "emergency rates." Our charges always will be fair.

In "worst case" circumstances, which often means electrical fires, the highest costs are in residential buildings. These are the most common causes:

  • Flawed electrical wiring, including outdated wiring.
  • Failure of electrical appliances.
  • Overuse of extension cords.
  • Overloading of electrical sockets.

Regular inspections and maintenance by licensed electrical professions will head off many problems—including electrical emergency calls.

Typical Signs of an Electrical Emergency

Spotting a developing problem or a potential emergency often results from paying close attention to initial indications of a problem and calling us right away. Experience indicates that almost any unusual electrical activity in your home could spell trouble:

  • Your circuits breakers are tripping repeatedly.
  • You experience electrical shocks from any outlet or appliance of any kind.
  • You perceive that light fixtures are running hot or switches are warm.
  • You see flickering or dimming lights, have "finicky" switches, or hear buzzing from any outlet.
  • You smell burning or observe sparks any switch or outlet.
  • You observe burn marks or any discoloration of switches, outlets, or plugs.

In a sense, noticing any of these problems should be considered "good news."  It means that you have spotted the signs of a potentially serious electrical problem—a red flag—in time to head off problems with your appliances or power supply.

As this list of warning signs suggests, a common cause of electrical emergencies is an outdated circuit breaker or wiring. Almost any outdated component of your home's or business's electrical system can lead to an overloading of wiring that causes a tripped circuit breaker and loss of power. In the worst case, there is a real fire hazard.

Preventing Electrical Emergencies

Regular inspections by our licensed professional electricians can be extremely cost-effective because they so often head off emergencies, more serious electrical problems, or potential hazards such as electrical fire. When we inspect your premises, we provide an assessment of the state of your electrical system and recommend the most cost-effective and lasting solutions for all problems. You are guaranteed that our work is up to the highest industry standards and meets or frequently exceeds local and state code requirements.

We are aware that it has become more important than ever for homes and businesses to be up to code in their electrical systems. Today, we are using more and more varied electronic devices than at any time in our history, including specialized kitchen appliances, elaborate entertainment systems, security systems both residential and commercial, and, of course, computers and "smart electronics" of all kinds. That spells ever-increasing demands by families and businesses for electrical power and your home or business must have an electrical system up to the job.

Over time, as you add more electrical appliances such as widescreen televisions, perhaps a microwave oven, air conditioners, and home entertainment centers, you increase the electrical load carried by home wiring. Outdated home wiring cannot safely handle the increased load and tends to heat wires, increasing the fire hazard. If, at the same time, your breaker box has become defective, it cannot respond as designed to overheated electrical panels. These are precisely the kinds of problems that can be detected and remedied in timely fashion by our expert electrical safety audit of your wiring, external power panels, and your wall outlets in all rooms. We can advise you, also, on installing the highest quality alarms for smoke detection and fire extinguishers—a significant investment in enhancing the safety of your family and your property.

Get in Touch

The bottom line is that electrical problems are high stakes. Such problems can put your property and even human lives at risk. Approximately one-third of all fires in structures are electrical in origin. We know that you don't want to take chances when it comes to your house, your business's future, and even your loved ones.

Call us at (786) 448-0742 for emergencies or to schedule regular electrical service. We provide no-cost, no-obligation consultation on any project. We always are here when you need us.